Do I Need to See a Biomechanical Podiatrist? - Episode 3

Biomechanical podiatrist Michael Thompson is back with the third episode of his series on foot, ankle, knee, hip or lower back pain.

Episode 3: Waging War on Foot Pain – Ankle Pain

OK so I was right in my last episode, England did beat New Zealand to make it to the Rugby World Cup Final, but sadly my hopes were dashed not once (vs Wales), but twice by South Africa. Time now to look forward to the Euros in 2020 and I hope all of the British and Irish teams fair well and maintain good foot health in the run-up to the tournament.

This episode we will concentrate on foot pain to the inside and outside of the ankle the most common cause of which is ‘tibialis posterior tendonitis’.

tibialis posterior tendonitis, ankle pain, foot pain, tendonitis

This pain can come on suddenly or progressively. You will usually notice your foot moving out to the side and your arch flattening. The Pain is usually around the inside ankle bone but can also be at the outside ankle bone because of the position of your foot.

How to treat:

  • You need to offload with supportive footwear as much as possible
  • You need an orthotic to support the foot
  • Assessment by a podiatrist, physiotherapist or doctor would be appropriate.

Sportspeople punish ankles: side-stepping in rugby, fast bowling in cricket, side-to-side motion in racquet sports, and this winter skiing those moguls inflicts serious loading. We expect muscular aches but part of the war on foot pain is encouraging people not to persevere - sometimes pain doesn’t go away. If pain persists consult a podiatrist. Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs all have players being helped right now with recovery from ankle injury. Getting help won’t cost an arm (or a leg) and could get you back in time for that big game.

About Michael: 

Michael graduated in 2001 with an honours degree in Podiatry from Glasgow Caledonian University. Starting his career in York he developed a great interest in the biomechanical aspect of podiatry. Moving to Australia for 18 months allowed further education and development of his biomechanical skills. For the last 11 years he has worked as the lead biomechanical podiatrist in North Somerset with the Musculoskeletal Service. 

Please do get in touch with Michael via or email him at Bristol Physio. 

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