Welcome to the UK home of Aussie Soles - The Most Comfortable Flip-Flops you will ever wear!

Aussie Soles flip-flops provide orthotic arch, heel, and toe support and our customers love the comfort they offer.

So if you haven’t already slipped into a pair, make today the day you join the
Aussie Soles comfort team and ‘RELAX YA FEET’!


We are humbled by your supportive, kind and highly positive feedback. Net Promoter Score is an indication of how much customers value a brand. In your opinion, Aussie Soles scores 78 on ‘Net Promoter Scale’, way ahead of many other loved and trusted brands. We are truly honoured, thank you.

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CrossFit Retreats - Fitness and Friendship

CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement performed at a high intensity. You are always doing something different to keep your body hitting new highs, which prevents plateaus in progress. How is it relevant to foot pain? Read on. 

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