It Is Like Wearing Clouds On My Feet!

Aussie Soles flip flops provide orthotic support and our customers love the comfort they offer.

So if you haven’t already slipped into a pair, make today the day you join the
Aussie Soles comfort team and ‘RELAX YA FEET’!

It Is Time To Bin The Tartan Slipper

Unless you are living in a draughty old castle, let your feet go commando this winter. For the last three years I have been wearing my pair of Navy Blue Starfish flip-flops (yes, the same one!) indoors and I suspect I have the happiest pair of feet in the Northern Hemisphere. Thank you, Australians.

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Bursting With Pride

We know, boasting is unattractive… But when a seasoned professional shares his love for our product, guess we are allowed to burst with pride publicly!

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