Physio For Cornish Pirates Rugby Team Reviews Aussie Soles!

Big thanks to the wonderful Simon Edwards who provided us with the following review - compelling for all rugby players!

"I have been using Aussie Soles both myself and encouraging members of our playing squad to use them.

The first thing to say is how practical and lightweight they are, this however belies the superb durability. Since first being introduced to Aussie Soles I have made a habit of using them as a recovery tool for not only myself but for our squad. They have some pretty unique features for what we would normally consider a flip flop.

Firstly as previously mentioned they are very durable they have a comfortable heel cup and a well crafted medial arch support, couple that with the toe grip which means that unlike the traditional flip flop they stay in place instead of sliding around.

The players are using them post 'heavy on feet' sessions and the feedback has been extremely encouraging. For myself they have become my go-to for wearing on my lockdown walks to and from the beach and I wear them after all my on feet sessions".

Simon Edwards Bsc (hons) Physiotherapy MCSP HCPC Lead Physiotherapist Cornish Pirates.


Aussie Soles Declare War on Foot Pain!

8 December 2019

We came, we saw, and we... declared War on Foot Pain! College of Podiatry Conference in Harrogate proved to be a place where curious, knowledgeable and passionate professionals meet. We were overwhelmed by their positive and supportive response to Aussie Soles and would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU.

Many people asked: "Why do you need to be so radical and declare a War?" Well, how else could we attract attention to the need to promote Podiatry as an essential health issue? Many people consider foot pain a norm, forgetting that untreated foot problems lead to loss of mobility in older age. And as we are all likely to live longer we need to maintain our quality of life and independence!

Aussie Soles stand, College of podiatry conference, war on foot pain
 Aussie Soles stand @ College of Podiatry Conference in Harrogate, 2019

Therefore we have decided to convert our little playful stunt into a proper campaign. Many of our new friends and professional podiatrists extended a helpful hand and participated in our pilot survey: its full results have been published on a new website dedicated to War on Foot Pain.

Please click here to download our Survey Results

We will also invite other podiatrists who feel this campaign has value to participate in the survey and exchange ideas on how to take Podiatry mainstream.

George Dunn, Chairman of Council, College of Podiatry
With George Dunn, Chairman of Council, College of Podiatry 

Once again, many thanks to the College of Podiatry and all the wonderful people who visited our stand for their support. We had a fantastic time in Harrogate!

James, The Founder of Aussie Soles UK