Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you describe Aussie Soles as orthotic footwear?

    Our flip-flops and slides have anatomically correct arch support and heel cups that provide full orthotic support, similar to insoles that some of us wear inside of closed shoes. If your podiatrist recommends that you wear arch support at all times, including that most important “first step of the day”, it would be advisable to keep Aussie Soles by the side of your bed and enjoy their comfort and support the whole day.

    Are Aussie Soles sandals suitable only for people who have problems with their feet?

      Aussie Soles were created for everyone - we all love slipping into a pair of sandals in summer. However, our customers wear Aussie Soles all year around indoors: it is wonderful slipping them on after a long day in closed shoes or after a workout.

      I have Plantar Fasciitis. Will your sandals help me with the pain?

        Our footwear is not a medical device but it does help to alleviate foot pain and is recommended by podiatrists and physiotherapists in cases of Plantar Fasciitis and heel pain. Anatomically correct arch support, heel elevation and cushioning assist the tissue repair and healing process.

        What is AusLite foam?

          Our Starfish and Indy sandals are made of light polymer foam: it is a soft but durable material that cushions the soles of your feet and is kind to your skin – no blisters! The foam is “closed cell” meaning that it does not absorb any moisture, repels germs and therefore anti-bacterial.

          What’s the point of toe support?

            Have you seen people in traditional flat flip-flops painfully clenching their toes while walking? It is exactly what the toe bars on Aussie Soles help you avoid: we want you to Relax Ya Feet!

            Why do you describe Aussie Soles as Recovery Sandals?

              Working hard on your feet all day, running, playing rugby or bouncing around a tennis court, all expose your feet to a lot of stress. Proper warming up and stretching is important but what you wear after you get your feet out of the trainers is very important too. Aussie Soles are beneficial to proper foot recovery as they completely support and cushion feet while letting them relax.

              Are your sandals vegan-friendly?

                Yes, no animal products are used in manufacturing of our footwear.

                How do I care for my Aussie Soles?

                  An occasional wash in soapy water will keep them happy. And please do not leave your sandals in direct heat for long – they may lose their shape.

                  How long do Aussie Soles last?

                    Our footwear lasts for years – ask our flip-flop or "thong" loving Australian cousins! We also provide a 1-year guarantee on all products that we sell.

                    SIZE AND FIT

                    How wide are your sandals? How much do they weigh?

                      Our sandals are medium width. For precise measurements and weights of Aussie Soles footwear please download our Size Guide. Please note that a sole's width is measured at the widest point.

                      What is the height of the arch support on your sandals? 

                        Our sandals provide medial arch support to suit most of our customers. 

                        I cannot find the UK sizes on your shoes. Why?

                          The original sizing of Aussie Soles is based on EU and US conventions. We have provided an approximate conversion to the UK sizes next to the original EU size for each product in our Size Guide. Please note that the UK sizes are not marked on our footwear.

                          Are your sandals true to size or shall I go one size smaller/larger?

                            Our footwear fits true to size. Please note that it is rather snuggly: the straps should hold your foot in position. However, your heel should not be over the edge of the heel cup, and the edge of the heel cup should not be pressing on the back of your heel.


                            DELIVERIES, RETURNS AND EXCHANGES

                            I am going away on holiday soon. How quickly can you deliver?

                              We do our best to mail our orders within 1 or 2 working days after the order is placed. We use Hermes Standard or Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For services in the UK: both take approximately 48 hours to deliver. For deliveries to the Republic of Ireland we use Royal Mail International service that takes between 3 and 5 working days.

                              What shall I do to exchange / return my purchase?

                                Please email our Customer Services to request your free return label. We will process your exchange or refund as soon as we receive your parcel in good order. Please refer to Returns & Refunds policy for details. 

                                What shall I do if a product that I want to order is out of stock?

                                  Please email our Customer Service: we will be happy to check if and when we should be getting more stock.