Less Foot Pain Boosts Marginal Gain

Full biomechanical support (arch, toe and heel) aids recovery after sports and helps to alleviate foot pain. 

Aussie Soles are the 2019 Sponsor of the ‘War On Foot Pain’ and together with author and podiatrist, David Tollafield, we will take the battle against pain to the running world! We aim to boost runners' performance by raising awareness of the options available for Sports Recovery. Uniting runners, brands and sports podiatrists to conquer foot pain, join the conversation by visiting us at Stand K45 or take our Survey now. 

aussie soles at national running show 2020

Aussie Soles will participate in the National Running Show for the first time this year. Our aim is to present our products to the running community and conduct a foot pain and sports recovery survey among the attendees. We will share the results of the survey with our customers and friends. 

We cannot wait to meet you in Birmingham!