What have we ever done for Sporty people?


“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”  
Leonardo da Vinci

Avoidance of pain from Plantar Fasciitis (PF) is why we started Aussie Soles UK.

90 mins of running in Delhi led to excruciating pain in my heel. A podiatrist told me I had PF, advising me to 'get into arch support the moment you step out of bed'.

On the way to Queensland's Noosa beach I found the perfect solution: Aussie Soles. Once you've had PF you worry about it coming back so I bought a pair and introduced the company to the UK.

Here's the 10 questions Aussie Soles want you Athletes to ask yourselves to maintain foot health and stay injury-free:

  1. Footwear: Am I wearing the most comfortable, suitable shoes I can afford?
  2. Stretching: Warm-ups and cool-downs: How much do I really stretch?
  3. Recovery Footwear: What do I wear after training and between events?
  4. Rest: Am I listening to my body, treating it with respect and resting enough?
  5. Massage: Do I use foam rolls or roller balls on my feet for recovery?
  6. Variety: do I mix off and on road running distances and speeds?
  7. Pain: do I run through it or stop? Please stop!
  8. Podiatrist/Physio Advice: would I seek advice if pain persists ? Please do!
  9. Arch Support: do my feet have an indoor and outdoor solution?
  10. Strength: what exercises am I doing to build foot strength?

And remember Leo's words - look after those feet!


Fordy Wears Aussie Soles!

2020 Aussie Soles received a rave review from the founder of Fordy Runs running community. Chris Ford compared and contrasted Aussie Soles to Oofos and concluded that for comfort and natural feeling Starfish are best!


'Just what my feet needed post @marathondessables'

2018 we came to the attention of Endurance runner Susie Chan who wears Aussie Soles between races. Suzie has four times finished the legendary Marathon des Sables. From her Instagram post - this is her on the right below!


It's a Foot Race!

In 2018 Aussie Soles appeared in Triathlon Magazine. We were attempting to a appeal to runners with the slogan “At the end of the day…it’s a foot race – give them orthotic support and recovery”.


Noosa Festival Of Surfing

In 2017 Aussie Soles were sponsors of Noosa Festival Of Surfing and the main sponsor of both the Battle of the Paddle and Endurance races.

We made it onto the front cover of SUPWORLD Magazine which covers all major events throughout the World.


Alexandra Headlands Surf Lifesaving Club

In 2014 Aussie Soles donated 200 pairs of ‘thongs’ to the Juniors (‘nippers’) and Seniors in Alexandra Headlands Surf Lifesaving Club - part of Lifeguards of Australia.