About Us

“Australia isn’t just a place you see…it’s a place you feel.” - Chris Hemsworth

noosa beach, australia, sunshine coast

Born into the surfing community of Noosa, Queensland in 2003 we feel blessed to live, work and play in this paradise. Providing healthy footwear that makes our customers feel good has always been our goal.

How do we do it? Simple, really. By recognising the uniqueness of the human foot – Nature’s only example of an arch that’s designed to enhance mobility.

Going barefoot on the beach feels best but the modern world requires shoes. We try to bring a similar feeling of freedom to everyday life whilst supporting good foot health. This is why Aussie Soles are recommended by podiatrists.  

Durable and vegan-friendly, our designs aid recovery post-exercise and comfort and support your feet all the way. We think it feels a bit like being with your good mates. Find out how Aussie Soles feels for you. 

Relax Ya Feet!