Women Beating The Men In Ultra Races Is Not New

Why is this the case? Find out from my new inspiration ‘Fiona Outdoors’ in this fascinating reveal of why “the female of the species is more deadly than the male” when it comes to ultra marathons:

Women leading the way in ultra distance running races

Fiona is the same age me, outdoorsy, adventurous, basically – my kind of woman.  She runs, cycles, walks, ski’s and despite my love of all of the above, I have no doubt that she would leave me for dust in any race of a distance greater than the TV remote control or the fridge door.

Fiona Outdoors photo image


‘Racing Smarter’ is one key differentiator Fiona cites and I guess accompanying that would be ‘Training Smarter’ and ‘Smarter Recovery’.

On ‘Smarter Recovery’ the good news is that Fiona has tested Aussie Soles and found our product super comfortable, reserving high praise for Indy slides in particular for great sports recovery properties! Here is Fiona, my Cheerleader in Chief in her own words:

“They offer excellent arch support and the nobbly massage patterns are really lovely. These are perfect for post-race or training.

You can check her article here, it is full of good reading matter, just don’t tell the men!

Aussie Soles Indy orthotic slides

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