Christian Eriksen, Please Love Your Feet!

With Harry Kane injured, more expectation is heaped on the shoulders of Tottenham players like Christian Eriksen.  Which is why, on a recent visit to Wembley, my heart was in my mouth during Eriksen's warm-up routine, as I remembered the words of caution from the epic book 'Neale's Disorders of the Foot':

"After sudden violent or 'explosive' movement, partial rupture of the plantar fascia can occur".

Eriksen was in his own world, darting from left to right dodging bullets being fired at alarming rapidity by an imaginary assassin.  He was preparing for evasive action against incoming defender's legs that might take the ball (and more) with them.

The book in question analyses different sports highlighting the foot problems that can occur:

"In Soccer due to [such] stop and run motion, chronic repetitive stress can occur, and this can lead to chronic irritation and inflammation of the plantar fascia".  

The book goes on to state that:

"Plantar Fasciitis is commonly brought on in soccer by prolonged training sessions and numerous games played"

...perhaps something that football managers from premier league downwards should actively consider.

We know that careful stretching before and after exercise is vital to the avoidance (and mitigation) of the debilitating heal pain that plantar fasciitis can cause.  

'Neale's Disorders of the Foot' touches on other causes of plantar fasciitis including poor footwear: 

 "The typical soccer cleat [boot] does not have adequate arch support and does not have adequate shock-absorbing qualities"

As an athlete, Eriksen must, of course, prepare his body for what is to come, but he must also give his body the recovery 'love' it needs after the match.  I very much hope that he puts as much passion into 'recovery' as he does his warm-up and match performance.

Here are his best moments from 2017 - enjoy!

James, Founder of Aussie Soles UK 

  • Mike Christopher says...

    After arriving in Boston USA late last night with the Truro College football squad prior to Flying on to Dallas to participate in the 2018 Dallas Cup, today was a training day and all the players and coaches did a 6 mile squad run around the famous Boston freedom trail. Post training everyone put on their Aussie soles flip flops which provided total comfort and support to some very tired and weary feet and I’m sure will greatly assist us in getting the players fully recovered and recharged for the tournament ahead in Dallas

    On Mar 21, 2018

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