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If you had asked us six months ago what “CrossFit” is, we would have been lost for words. And then we met Charlie Francis and Nathan Evans, CrossFit gurus from Cornwall and the forces of nature behind Equation Escapes.  

Charlie Francis and Nathan Evans Equation escapes

They can basically get anyone into a new body. Would you like some muscle? No problem. Need to get some flexibility into your joints? Join in, the session is about to start. 

Charlie and Nate took us on a journey through CrossFit:

C&N: CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement performed at a high intensity. You are always doing something different to keep your body hitting new highs, which prevents plateaus in progress.

Is CrossFit for super-fit-heavy-lifting-muscle-popping folk only? 

C&N: Absolutely not. Anyone can come to our classes, any age or ability: we run both group classes and individual coaching sessions with people aged from 5 to 70! The way we structure the sessions is that you can scale the prescribed workout to suit you. We are making sure you are still pushing yourself to your limits and making small progress every day.

Equation Escapes Spain

In our Foot Pain Survey (National Running Show 2020) 38% of runners said they had suffered from plantar fasciitis. Does CrossFit help you avoid injury?

C&N: Often runners miss out on strength and conditioning to keep their body healthy alongside running. By adding in CrossFit they are utilising other muscles and giving themselves a more rounded fitness regime. We have a ton of runners who train with us that say not only their running has improved but they now get less injuries. 

You run CrossFit retreats via Equation Escapes. Tell us about  your latest retreat in Spain and what your group thought of Aussie Soles? 

C&N: We took 20 people away to Spain so had a range of athletes from different backgrounds and different ages. They all talked about how handy it was to have Aussie Soles for post-exercise recovery as regular flip-flops are terrible for your feet. They were a great addition to the retreat for everyone!

Yoga class at Equation escapes

Thanks a lot, guys, could we please join in? It looks like we are missing out not only on great fitness regime but on hanging out with a fantastic group of people. 

What advice would you give to Aussie Soles customers?

Its never too late to get fit and you might make some new friends in the process!

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