We are humbled by your supportive, kind and highly positive feedback. Net Promoter Score is an indication of how much customers value a brand. In your opinion, Aussie Soles scores 78 on ‘Net Promoter Scale’, way ahead of many other loved and trusted brands. We are truly honoured, thank you.

We are particularly humbled by the fact that many of you reported back that Aussie Soles help them with foot pain, posture and other mobility issues. That is the reason why we are building this business and your comments definitely put some extra wind up our sail!

Separate thanks go to all those who said “Don’t fix something that’s not broken!” It is good to know that some of you guys love Aussie Soles just the way they are. Nevertheless we would like to address your thoughts and comments on how we could improve:

We want more colours and styles

We hear you and it is our wish too! As a new business in the UK and ROI we had started three years ago with the colours and styles that are most popular in our Australian homeland. We added quite a few new options last year and were looking forward to launching more colours this spring. However, with manufacturing facilities being closed due to the pandemic we just have to wait and see.

We need winter options

With 60% reporting that you wear Aussies indoors that is a very valid point. And you are about to hear it here first: we are developing THE most comfortable and supportive slipper you’ve ever worn! We intended to launch it this year but (as with all manufacturing processes now) it remains to be seen when and how it happens. Fingers crossed we get them to you in time for winter but for now let's continue to fearlessly promote ‘sandals & socks’ combo!

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You should make them cheaper

Our products are made of top quality materials that are not cheap.

It is true that Aussie Soles are cheaper in Australia but unfortunately in the UK there are extra taxes that make our shoes over 40% more expensive once they arrive here: we pay 17% Import Duty and 20% VAT.

You should make them available in Europe

We are working on it. Current challenges considered we hope to be able to gradually launch European distribution in 2020-21.

Sizing can be a bit hit and miss, need them wider/narrower

Our feet are unique and creating a “one shape fits all” shoe is impossible. We are constantly working on range improvement and hope to get your feet into a better fitting pair of Aussie Soles as the range expands.

We will also continue to exchange sizes for free. If you forget your preferred Aussie Soles size, please email us – we keep track of all the orders made on our website and will be delighted to advise which size you bought in the past.

Shoes get slippery when wet

That is the subject that is hard to address: both polymer foam and rubber do get slippery when wet. We encourage you to be careful if you choose to wear our footwear in wet environments.

Thank you and stay well and safe!

James, Founder and CEO Aussie Soles UK


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