It Is Time To Bin The Tartan Slipper

Unless you are living in a draughty old castle, let your feet go commando this winter. For the last three years I have been wearing my pair of Navy Blue Starfish flip-flops (yes, the same one!) indoors and I suspect I have the happiest pair of feet in the Northern Hemisphere. Thank you, Australians.

In order of priorities:

At home. Sometimes with socks, to the initial distress of my missus until she figured the Japanese tabi socks trick out for herself. My favourite moment of the evening is when I take my tired squashed feet out of the brogues and let Starfish give them a hug. Welcome home.

In the gym. I try to block out the thoughts of what grime and germs congregate on the floor of any gym. I strut around feeling rather smug, as my Starfish flip-flops do not absorb any bacteria so a quick wash under the tap with a tad of soap afterwards does the biz.

Aussie Soles Starfish sports recovery flip flops

Poolside. Guess what, it is slippery when wet so you must take care! I like to transfer from poolside to steam room to changing room in safety (see point 2 above for reference).

Poolside sandals with arch support

Me and the missus relaxing by the pool (guess who has got a pedi!)

After a run. Tell me, why would one invest £100-150 in a pair of super trainers with full orthotics and deprive their feet of all support the moment they finish that Ultra Marathon? The logic escapes me. So being a Super-Micro Marathon runner myself, I potter around in Starfish afterwards, arch support and all.

In hotels. My Starfish flip-flops and my toothbrush are the only two things I never forget to bring along on my travels. Wearing my own “slippers” in a hotel makes it feel like home plus you never know what people do on hotel floors.

Flip flops with arch support for men

Recently stayed in the fantastic St Michael's Spa & Resort - absolute bliss

So yes, I am a happy convert into the cult of Aussie Soles. I hope my bulletproof logic for enjoying arch support flip-flops all year round will help you bin your tartan slippers. Give your feet a proper hug instead.

James, Founder of Aussie Soles UK

  • John Jackson says...

    It took me a long time to figure out how I could get some really comfortable flip flops until I found a super pair of orthotics on Amazon. Took them to Oz last year and never took them off! Absolutely brilliant footwear! Thanks guys. John.

    On May 18, 2019

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