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  • Cornish Legend… in Aussie Soles!

    We are thrilled to share our joy that Betty Stogs, The Cornish Legend and her teammates relaxed their feet in Aussie Soles after running the London marathon this year!

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  • Plantar Fasciitis – How Pain Led To Gain


    Running around Asia lead to plantar fasciitis and the formation of a new business providing orthotic flip-flops.  Running became an obsession for me in Singapore in 2006 after attending an inspirational course on 'chi-running'.  Armed with I-pod, headphones and new running gear, I took on all-comers from Beijing to Bangalore, Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore, before eventually 'coming a cropper' in Delhi.  It had been the perfect way to combine exercise and a love of music with sight-seeing in some of the most wonderful cities in Asia.  Then began the process of recovery and the one thing I really lacked to combat the pain of plantar fasciitis was an indoor solution to comfort, hygiene and arch support.  This was to be discovered 10 years later in Northern Queensland.  And the following year Aussie Soles UK was born. 

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